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Have you ever thought about making your own clothes, but didn't know how to begin? Or perhaps you would like to patch that hole in your favorite pair of jeans or redesign that shirt that's just been sitting in your closet. If you're ready to tap into your creative potential and begin exploring fashion design, contact me to see how I can be of service to you.

 I graduated from The Art Institute of Philadelphia in 2008 with a Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design, and began teaching Fashion courses in 2009. As an Independent Fashion Designer and Fashion Instructor, I aim to inspire creativity, celebrate diversity, embrace individuality and empower communities. 


Lessons I Provide

Get Inspired

Finding the right Fashion Design Instructor, someone who knows the subject well and understands how to inspire others, is the first step to becoming a confident creator. My teaching style focuses on skills training, but also emphasizes self-exploration and discovering a passion for something new. Take a look at the lessons I provide and choose the right one for you.


Sewing Basics

Introduction to sewing


Fashion Illustration

Learn to sketch


Pattern-making 101

Comprehensive pattern-making instruction


Camille Ashford was featured in the Push Her Project Magazine.


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